Manage more work, with less stress?!

With OpsCentre, you can! Easily make and record decisions with visibility into your entire schedule. Know that all your work is scheduled and rostered and no driver or vehicle is double booked.

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There's a lot to operating a successful bus company
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    A complete schedule
    Urban/school contracts & charters/tours

    In order for your operations team to make confident decisions, they need to see all the work that needs to get done. OpsCentre contains a complete schedule of all your work. Be it repeating urban or school work contracts, or charters and tours. Everything is there so no job can be missed.

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    Decision support

    Allocating drivers and vehicles

    How do your operations team know who should do a particular piece of work? OpsCentre's decision support system will assist your team when allocating drivers and vehicles.

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    Fatigue management

    Comply with regulations

    Your operations team must ensure every shift complies with fatigue management regulations. OpsCentre's compliance engine will warn your team if a shift will breach regulations before it's too late!

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    Service delivery on the day

    "No plan survives contact with the enemy"

    As the saying goes, even the best laid plans need adjusting on the day. OpsCentre allows for the complete reconfiguration of driver shifts. Split duties across many drivers. Integrate charter work. Add extra work required on the day. It's all possible with OpsCentre.

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